How to make an order

If you want to make an order via website www.spalno-belio.com there are several ways:

  1. You must be a registered user and to login with your username and password. In case you are not registered you can press the button "Register" at the top right of the website (with a padlock icon) or do it from here. Please fill your data correctly, because they will be used for delivery by our couriers.
  2. You can order without registration. This happens after you add product to cart, push in the card"Order" button. It takes you to the next step where you have 3 options:
  • Log (this option is for already registered users)
  • Registration of user (this option is for non registered users)
  • Buy as a guest – you must  fill in the necessary fields and press "Order"
  1. You can order by contacting us by phone: 0897 00 59 68.

Once you have selected one of the ways of purchase (registered, unregistered, bought as a guest), you have chosen a product and you press "Order", go to the next step "method of payment". Make your choice how to pay and again press "Order" button, go to the next step "review". Here you see all the details of your order (name, phone, address, product number, method of payment, amount owed) and then making sure that everything in your order is correct, again press  the "Order" button.
So, your order is complete, and then you will receive a confirmation e-mail and a phone call from a member of our team.


How can I pay ?

  • Cash on delivery

- The goods are payable upon acceptance in an office of the courier company or directly to the courier upon delivery to the address.


What are the dimensions of bedding linen sets and what is included in them?

The basic set includes: duvet cover, flat sheet, pillowcase/s

  • Single -   Duvet cover 150/215sm. ; Flat sheet 150/240sm. ; Pillowcase 50/70sm. - 1 pcs.
  • Double -  Duvet cover 180/215см. ; Flat sheet 200/240sm. ; Pillowcase 50/70см. - 2 pcs.  
  • Giant  -  Duvet cover 200/215sm. ; Flat sheet 220/240sm. ; Pillowcase 50/70см. - 2 pcs.  
  • Maxi  - 2 pcs. Duvet cover 150/215sm. ; Flat sheet 220/240sm. ; Pillowcase 50/70sm. - 2 pcs.
  • King -  Duvet cover 240/215sm. ; Flat sheet 220/240sm. ; Pillowcase 50/70sm. – 2 pcs.
  • For kids – Duvet cover 100/140sm. ; Flat sheet 120/150sm. ; Pillowcase 40/60 sm. – 2pcs.


Set with duvet includes: Duvet, flat sheet, pillowcase/s

  • Single -   Duvet 150/215sm. ; Flat sheet 150/240sm. ; Pillowcase 50/70sm. - 1 pcs. 
  • Double  -  Duvet 180/215sm. ; Flat sheet 200/240sm. ; Pillowcase 50/70sm. - 2 pcs.  
  • Giant -  Duvet 200/215sm. ; Flat sheet 220/240sm. ; Pillowcase 50/70sm. - 2 pcs.
  • Maxi  - 2 pcs. Duvet  150/215sm. ; Flat sheet 220/240sm. ; Pillowcase 50/70sm. - 2 pcs. 
  • King  -   Duvet 240/210sm. ; Flat sheet 220/240sm. ; Pillowcase 50/70sm. – 2pcs.
  • For kids - Duvet 100/140sm. ; Flat sheet 120/150sm. ; Pillowcase 40/60sm. – 2pcs.